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Blog Title: What are the essential checklist of maintaining a furnace?

Main Que: What are the essential checklist of maintaining a furnace?

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  • Query By: MICHELLE O (Portland, OR)
  • Date: 12/14/2016

Answer: Furnaces are one of the most renowned heating medium used in households. This is because furnaces can effectively warm a home. But in order to ensure that your furnace functions efficiently you need to take good care of your furnace. Taking good care of the furnace simply means maintenance of your furnace. However, let us have a look at some of the integral features of furnace maintenance. First of all visual inspection of your furnace should be carried out. This typically means you should thoroughly look at your furnace and check for building up of any soot. Visual inspection also includes checking of the thermostat. This is because proper functioning of thermostat is synonymous with absolute comfort in the room. Cleaning of the essential components of the furnace is an integral part of the furnace maintenance activity. This is because when dirt builds up on various components of the furnace, there is extra stress on the functioning of the furnace which in turn reduces the overall life span of the furnace. Ductwork leak and blocked vents is another aspect that needs to be checked at regular intervals so that the furnace functions properly. In fact, when there are leaks in the ducts or the vents are blocked it might pose serious problems for the homeowners. Last but not the least, along with the DIY methods you must get in touch with professional HVAC personnel so that all problems can be detected at an early stage.

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  • Replied Date: 12/15/2016